Discount & Shipping Policy


We calculate automatic discount:
- 5%, when your total shopping cart exceeds EUR 75; and
- 10%, when your total shopping cart exceeds EUR 150.
Whereas those two first level discounts will not be applied for the products, which individual price is already over 30 euros. But we do apply:
- 10% from all the products when your total shopping card exceeds EUR 500. 

For example, buying a spinning reel with price of 100 euros, and also number of lures with total price of 60 euros, the total shopping cart makes 160 euros, from which the 10% discount from the lures value will be applied in sum of 6 euro. But when buying only lures, the 10% discount from total shopping cart will be applied in sum of 16 euros.

Buying a spinning rod, reel, another reel for a friend, a line, lures and some clothings with total amount of 510 euros, the 10% discount will be applied for the whole purchase, that would make discount sum of 51 euros.

Discount will be calculated automatically when your purchase amount exceeds the required amount and will be displayed immediately at your shopping cart.


We offer very low flat international shipment rate and work hard to offer easy, pleasent and comfortable e-shopping experiences to you. Our shipment rate is always the same worldwide 
EUR 4.99 worldwide trackable delivery per order, except fishing rods

- EUR 19.50 worldwide trackable delivery of fishing rods per order
and does not depend on quantity purchased or your location.



Apart of above, we offer express delivery options to limited countries:

FINLAND – SmartPost Parcel Terminals (Pakettiautomaatti), EUR 4.99, delivery time 1 working day in Helsinki and 2-3 days in rest of Finland after we have dispatched the order.

LATVIA – Omniva Parcel Terminals, EUR 4.99, delivery time 1-2 working days after we have dispatched the order.

LITHUANIA – Omniva Parcel Terminals, EUR 4.99, delivery time 2 working days after we have dispatched the order.

NB! Please turn attention to and consider also the time for packing and handling of your order, generally we dispatch all the orders with maximum 3 days from receiving them, plus time of the way!

Parcel terminal services are fast and secure! The list of parcel terminals available at your rregion will be offered at checkout before you need to confirm and pay your order. When the parcel is arrived to your parcel terminal, you will be informed with a telephone message, which also provides you a parcel terminal access code to take out the package!


Our shop is linked to our warehouse, thus you cannot purchase and pay for the products that we actually don't have! When you confirm your order you can be confident that all products paid are available for immediate delivery!