Kuusamon Uistin is biggest metal spoonbait factory in Finland. Especially Kuusamo Professor and Räsänen are known all over the world in amongst fishermen.

Kuusamon Uistin was born out of the dream of two friends. The two Paavos, Paavo Korpua and Paavo Putila had been enthusiastic fishermen since their youth and they were good friends also. The only thing missing was the lures that they liked, which they fixed by making their own fishing equipment - that was the way things were usually done in those days.

Soon the two Paavo's thoughts and ideas about models of "catching" tackle started to gain popularity among other fishermen, and there came enquiries locally and from far off . The lures turned out to be "very effective in catching" also from outside Kuusamo and so the two Paavos could finally fulfill their dream and start their own business, Kuusamon Uistin Ltd.

In the beginning, Kuusamon Uistin focused on making just a few well known models. These are still in use today, and long time favourites were the Professor, Räsänen and Kitkan Viisas. The company expanded at a steady rate, and at the same time increased the amount of tackle products. Nowadays, Kuusamon Uistin manufactures hundreds of different lures, fishing equipment and accessories, with exports World-wide.

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