Berkley Flex Grub Shad Clear Gold 10cm

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The grub is probably one of the most common and old shapes in the market. It doesn't mean it's now has been, fish still love it! Epsecially when the design makes it perfect for European species...This new Flex grub has been designed to be easy to swim! A compact body, much more like a shad body than a regular grub, to respect the right bait silhouette, and a fast moving tail, to be efficient at any speed, including a very slow motion when fish are inactive in cold water.
A new generation of grub is born!

Here is the Flex range! A completely new 2014 introduced non scent range for all predators. Unique design and beautiful laminated glittered colours, combined with a high end material. This "made in the US" series will provide a complete solution to match all species/conditions.
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