Berkley Whiplash GREEN 0.06mm/10.6kg/150m

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8 carrier
Perfectly round
Exceptionally smooth and quiet
Super StrongExtreme Durability
Long and fast casting
100% PE Dyneema
Tough and abrasion resistant
For Fresh and Saltwater use


Berkley® Whiplash® 8 is a perfectly braided 8 carrier 100% PE superline. It does not matter if you go for the biggest Fresh or Saltwater specimen, you'll always have the fighting power of Whiplash to trust on. The new runlength are more suitable to fill reels while the new hi vis colour is more visible for the angler. comment:
Definitely very good braid, however according to our experiences the actual diameters are somewhat more, than declared by the producer. Thus, when buying, we suggest to consider it and choose bit thinner diameter than your usual.

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