Berkley Whiplash GREEN 0.18mm/23.0kg/150m

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Known to fisherman all over the world as a line with Optimum Strength and very tight structure due to tight weave technology.
• Lo Vis moss green colour
• Tight weave finish
• Durability
• Supreme casting
• 100% Micro Dyneema® fibres
• Ultra Thin Diameter
• Incredibly smooth and non-abrasive

Whiplash® super braid is constructed with Dyneema®, the strongest fiber of its kind. Unlike traditional braids, Whiplash is processed to a thinner diameter, making it smoother and non-abrasive so it casts farther. comment:
Definitely very good braid, however according to our experiences the actual diameters are somewhat more, than declared by the producer. Thus, when buying, we suggest to consider it and choose bit thinner diameter than your usual.

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