Daiwa 20 Legalis LT 5000-C

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5 Ball Bearings 
Gear Ratio 5.2:1
Retrieval 87cm
Weight 245g 
Line Capacity: 0.37mm/150m
Drag power: 4000/6000: 12.0kg

C Compact body spool (small body / large spool)
XH Speed gear ratio

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With the 20' Legalis LT DAIWA once again impressively proves that silky-smooth working and highest toughness do not necessarily have to come along with great costs.

The 20' Legalis series is also based on the well-established LT concept and offers highest quality standards at an incredible price-performance ratio. By shrinking the reel size and using the novel and innovative Zaion V material DAIWA succeeded at reducing the reel’s weight even further – as a consequence the 20' Legalis LT 2500 weights only incredible 200 grams! The Zaion V composite additionally contributes to an increased toughness and an improved transmission of the retrieving power.

The Tough Digigear with enlarged drive wheel is the key asset for the smooth running and utmost resilience. The ATD drag provides highest sensitivity and works without starting resistance.

According to the respective size, the 20' Legalis series is the proper choice for numerous applications like spin fishing, feeder fishing, light trout fishing or even specimen hunting for tench, bream & Co.

Drag power: 1000/2000: 5kg, 2500/3000: 10kg, 4000-6000: 12kg

  • LT (Light & Tough)
  • Zaion V® body
  • 5 ball bearings
  • Zaion V® Air Rotor®
  • ATD™ drag system
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse®
  • Cross Wrap® system
  • Aluminum Air spool
  • CNC cut aluminum handle
  • Hi-Grip handle knob
  • Twist Buster® II line roller
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