Frequently asked questions

Do you ship to Italy/Belarus/ France/Malaysia/US ...... etc?

Yes, we do! We use universal postal service for our international shipments, therefore we ship everywhere, where postal address exists!

What is the shipping rate to Italy/Belarus/ France/Malaysia/US ..... etc?

We would like to keep things simple for you and ship everywhere in the world with the same rate, it is:
- EUR 4.99 trackable delivery per order

Our shipping rate remains always the same, where ever you are and what ever quantity you order!

Do you have the lure ......?

All what we have is also displayed in our shop and usually we do not have option and is not reasonable for us to order specific lures in small quantities, thus we do not take such the specific orders. However we are always thankful for every kind product tips, do look at them with a real curiosity and consider in building up of our product portfolio.

Do you sell rods?

Yes, we do, but when your shopping cart includes any rod, the shipping cost will be automatically calculated at higer rate!

Where can I track my order?

You can track your order via your own local post operator, for example Royal Post in UK, La Poste in France, Deutsche Post in Germany, USPS in US etc.

We only warn you, that some of the post operators do not provide tracking information of shipments coming from abroad. However trackable shipping is always more secure and thus we suggest it for all bigger orders. In case of any problems we can track via our own client service contact in Estonian Post.

Where can I get my tracking number?

We always send out a shipping notice, when your order is packed and goes to the Post Office.  The tracking numbers are sent back to us from the Post Office a day or two later and just because of our own convenience we do not provide them all automatically. However when you inquire we are always ready to provide it.

I have not received my order?

We pack and dispatch your order within 1-3 days and delivery takes around a week, it is almost the same to all over the world. Sometimes we get arrival feedback quicker from Australia than from some neighbour country. Thus after making your order, the standard process should not take over 10 days, and sometimes even you already get your package within 3-4 days.

However we must warn you, that postal service may delay, although very rare, it happens. We cannot control the postal service. In general our experience is very positive but we also have (very rare) cases of significant delays and over all the trackrecord even limited number of lost packages. We assume that this is not specific for us, but general for e-shopping.

If you have not received your package within two weeks, we suggest you to

- check the order and shipping notice received, if your address there is fully correct,
- inquire from your family members if anybody has taken or seen the envelope or the package,
- inquire from your local post office if anything is waiting for you there.

If no result and you have ordered the trackable delivery you may ask tracking number from us and track your package.

Please note, that many postal operators have set the rule that they accept claims only after three weeks of delay. That means standard delivery time one week, plus three weeks, which makes in total four weeks from our shipping notice. According to our experience, when delay already happens, then this three weeks is also critical time where the package suddenly pops up.  

If the package delays too long, we can always make official query via our own client service contact, but we avoid doing it before above mentioned three weeks term. The delay cases reviewed by us, confirm, that Estonian Post sends the packages out on time, usually within 2-3 days, but delays happen in destination countries – the bigger country the bigger delays.

When problems arise, do not hesitate to contact us and keep us informed!

I am using the tracking number provided, but my postal operator says that the package is not arrived to our country?

That may be not true - sorry! As mentioned also above, some countries just does not track the packages coming from abroad, this depends on their IT systems in use. We have several cases, for example with Italy and Belarus, where post operator confirmed again and again that the package is not received yet into their system, until they suddenly delivered it next day. Thus you should not worry about this.

However, even if your local post operator does not offer tracking information, the trackable delivery is always secure and in case of problems we can help you!   

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