Magic Swimmer Fast Sinking NK2 14.5cm/45g

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Exactly what a swim bait was meant to be!

Fast sinking - FSK, running depth 0,9 - 1,8m

Best Hard Lures Bassmaster Magazine
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Exactly what a swim bait was meant to be! The Magic Swimmer has taken anglers to an unparalleled universe where the unnatural fades into the natural and becomes part of the perfect fish story.In this unique lure, the body is jointed in three parts to function together in rhythmic dance as art imitates perfection to make this impostor appear to be the real thing. Swim the lure slow or fast, at your discretion, as allowed by the bait's perfect balance.

The FSK will swim magically while sinking without reeling. This gives you something totally new and unique, as you can use the Magic Swimmer FSK with a regular, steady reeling and it'll swim amazingly lifelike but you can also stop reeling to let it wriggle and undulate beautifully on the fall!

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