Rublex C-Turbo OPN #3/5g

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Instantly removable hook “paper clip system” Improved “butterfly” apinning action through its three hole blade creating unique irresistible pulsations.

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Centa Turbo is a variant of Celta. The blade of Celta Turbo spins somehow slower than that of Celta, but the freely throw-passing water through the three big holes in the blade creates double-waving effect into the common movement wave of the blade, so increasing the wave intensity and thereby comes the name Turbo. Spinner has so-called trombone – style hook attachment and the hook is very easily replaceable.

Rublex is a prestigious brand of French origin, “a classic dating back to the 1950s”, with its own well known models: Celta, Veltic, Turvo, Ondex, Eira, Orklac and Orkla, which every fisherman knows about and carries in his basket, as they are a guarantee of success.

Rublex is manufactured today by a family business based in the North of Spain surrounded by beautiful rivers an lakes. In this privileged environment it has managed to find a niche in the international market with its high quality spinners.

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