One of the oldest lures in Salmo’s range, it really is an absolute classic of its kind. Excellent aerodynamics, strong action and proven colours. Those features made Perch one of the must – have in the boxes of not only the European predators’ anglers, but also anglers worldwide. Offered in 8, 12 and 14 cm sizes and as a shallow (SR), floating (F) and super deep runner (SDR) versions.
How to Fish:
As it is available in many versions, this lure can be used in many ways and is effective in almost any situation.
For spinning we recommend the Shallow Runner (SR) and Floating (F) versions.
The F version is a classic crankbait; a slow retrieve with occasional pauses or twitches of the rod tip is deadly.
The SR version is a typical twitchbait; perfect for shallow and weedy areas. As with other twitchbaits, the real action of this lure is unlocked when using long pulls with the rod, and reeling to remove the slack line. Using this method the lure sweeps sideways often breaking the surface, even reaching the water surface. This kind of action, broken with occasional pauses, can be absolutely lethal for predators.
The Perch in Super Deep Runner (SDR) is a really special lure. The big lip can reduce casting ability so this version is especially recommended for trolling. The enormous depths reached by these lures (the Perch 14SDR dives down to 12 m!) makes them top of their class among trolling baits.

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