Savage Gear 3D Pulse Tail Roach RF Rudd 13cm/38g/2pcs

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SKU SG 63724

Built-in Steel Rattle
Strike Triggering Scent
Sinking, swimming on the drop
Inside Hard Foam Harness with steel rattle
Rattle slot in the Pulse tail
Ultra-sharp J-hook and removeable belly Y-treble

2 lures in pack

The Pulse Tail Roach is Based on the scan of a real roach, with super realistic details! The Pulse tail delivers a subtle ultra-realistic action at both slow, medium and high speed. The lure has a steel rattle chamber built-in the inside harness, but at steady retrieve the lure is silent – when the lure is twitched it will send out a provoking and loud clicking sound! The lure sinks and swims on the drop, perfectly balanced.
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