Savage Gear 4D Herring Shad Red Head 16cm/28g

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SKU SG 63644

4D Photo Chrome
Skin Print Strike triggering scent
Tail Rattle or pellet slot
Soft eyes
Hook guide in mouth
Super flanking action

The 4th dimension is created with our detailed Photo Chrome skin print and strike provoking scent! The details are incredible and so lifelike it will be even harder for the predator fish to resist a full committed attack! Each lure’s color design has been tested and tuned to perfection and the added DNA scent level will give you the extra edge, when conditions are though! The 4D Herring shad, has several updated features. The slightly thicker front part, gives better jig head hold and corkscrew options. The Soft eyes cannot fall off and we have added a rattle slot in the tail. The mouth has a small hook guide for easy rigging. The slender herring profile, with the deadly flanking action combined with the with the perfect Photo chrome skin print and Scent, will make an incredible lure even more effective!
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