Savage Gear Gravity Twitch SR Ayu Chrome 9,5cm/15g

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SKU SG 71663

Super Details
Darting and kicking action
Suspends with Horizontal balance
Magnetic Long cast system
Built in rattle
SGY 1X BN trebles 9.5cm #4
Forged strong split rings
Easy change strong Stainless steel egg snap
Runs: 9.5cm 0,7-1,5m
Tank tested


Super detailed Crankbait, with superb details. Square bill, medium runner, with a high arched Back, moving a lot of water on retrieve, great wobbling, wide action, with high buoyancy, moving up in the water on spin stop. Built in tubular rattle chamber, that sends out a loud and characteristic sound. The magnetic long cast system, with a sliding iron core, makes far and precise casting super easy. Great lure for Perch, Pike, trout, Zander, Asp and Bass.

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