Savage Gear Perch Pro Pack 6+2 pcs

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SKU SG 48809
Perch Pro pack – perfect kit of soft lures for perch fishing – any time, anywhere!

3 pcs of Pro 4play shad 7.2cm
3 pcs of Grub 6.5cm
2 jig heads 5g, 7g in hook size #1


The LB Pro 4Play Shad is meticulously designed to swim with the most enticing lifelike and erratic action – both on the retrieve and the drop. The Pro version have small scent spikes in the joints – holding on to scent paste application. The lure have proofed incredible effective on Zander, Pike, Perch, Trout – you name it! Scented twin or single injection colors chosen by our best pro staff anglers.

The SG LB Pro Grub is a re-introduction of the LB Grub – with enhanced details and even better action at slow speed. The Scent ribs holding on to scent paste application and adding even better tail swing. The lure is a great water insect imitation and will catch just about any predator fish.

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