Savage Gear S1 Single Hook Red & DG #4/0 /10pcs

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SKU SG 61784

10 ultra sharp singles 
Pre rigged with Oval split rings
Blood Red hooks
5 DG (Dark Grey) hooks
30 beads 25pcs soft style, 5 of each color in UV, Glow and neutral colors, 5 glass clear hard beads.


The perfect single hooks for our Line thru Sandeel and Line thru Seeker Lures. Prerigged with our easy change Oval split ring and selections of beads in a mixture of colors, in UV, Glow and neutral colors.
The combination of UV colored beads will make a great strike point and can drive the trout crazy!
Slide a soft bead on the line, to protect the knot, followed by a hard clear bead, and you have the perfect presentation for your line thru lure.

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