SG Ball Jigg Heads - Tournament Series 25g/Hook#6/0 /2pcs

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Savage Gear X-Strong Ultra sharp, forged Japanese steel wire needlepoint jig hooks. Precision moulded round head range with sizes that are perfect for a very wide range of softlures. Smaller sizes #1 to #3/0, with small wire body holder – not to distort the soft lure body shape. Bigger sizes with gripping body holder and stinger eye on belly.

2 pcs in the package.

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Softlure fishing is super effective and increasingly popular! For years Savage Gear has aimed to make innovative jigg heads on existing Japanese hooks – that will really improve your softlure presentation and hooking ability .The solution was to make their own hooks – that individually, fit’s each size of ball jigg head, in order to avoid “weed pick” up and get the best possible hooking rate. With the very finest Japanese Carbon steel wire and manufacturing process, Savage Gear has designed a superior Ball jigg head series that will suit their loose body softlures with perfection. Forged fine wired round bend jigg hooks with ultra sharp needle points – that will last – fish after fish!
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