Shimano Curado K 201HGK

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4 S A-RB ball bearings + 2 roller bearing
Gear ratio 7.4:1
Weight 215g
Line capacity 0.20mm - 225m / 0.25mm - 185m / 0.30mm - 150m

Left handed


The new Curado 200 K is the new version of the well known Curado 200 I. The new features include Micromodule Gear system and the Stable Spool design, providing a more efficient gear train with a smoother, more positive feel. The combination of CI4+ body and the aluminum frame makes the Curado 200 K very tough but still light weight. The SVS infinity braking system controls spool speed for precision casting, making it also possible to cast lighter lures while fishing for bass. This reel is designed to fit the needs of freshwater predator fisherman, but is also able to withstand the tough salt water conditions due to the 4 Shielded A-RB + 2 Shielded Stainless Steel ball bearings.

The Curado is a true allrounder who is also not afraid to cast bigger lure with more weight and fight big fish. Because of the 200 size, it will fit perfectly for pike and big blackbass fishing with medium sized lures (medium sized jerkbaits, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, softbaits).

• X-Ship with Micro Module gear for supreme smoothness
• Hypergear
• Diecast aluminium Hagane body and 3D Diecast aluminium spool
• SVS Infinity Variable Brake System
• Super Free System
• Super Stopper
• Level wind system
• 5 Shielded A-RB bearings & 1 roller bearing
• Cross Carbon Drag
• Star drag

X-Ship is a combination of features that work together to create much greater efficiency. By positioning the pinion gear close to the centre line of the large diameter drive gear, more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. The pinion gear is also supported by two Shimano A-RB roller bearings. This creates more stability.

Micromodule: The addition of MicroModule gear technology to the worm shaft idle gear reduces oscillation vibration. This is an incredible breakthrough in design and deliveres an outstanding level smootheness without sacrifising strenght or durability. The encahanced smoothness results in greater sensitivity transmitted from your rod, line and lure to your hand.

Shimano S A-RB bearings are high corrosion resistant A-RB ball bearings with an extra shield for improved protection against sand, salt or dust. S A-RB bearings are used in salt water reels.

Diecast aluminium is used for many types of reel and is most common on fixed spool reel bodies and rotors.

The precision engineered main Hypergear transmits more power from the handle to the rotor. Designed to exacting tolerances, it requires less effort but returns more retrieve playing torque with vastly reduced component wear.

The Super Free bearing supported pinion gear system (SF) was designed to eliminate friction on the spool shaft. In standard baitcasting reels, when the clutch bar is pressed down, the pinion gear is freed and can actually drag on the spool shaft, creating friction and limiting the length of the cast. With SF the pinion gear is supported by a ball bearing and when the clutch in disengaged the pinion gear and spool shaft are kept in precise alignment. The result is a smoother free spool.

Super Stopper is a one-way roller bearing that eliminates backplay for solid hooksets.

Level Wind System ensures perfect distribution of line across the spool.

SVS Infinity is Shimano's newest innovation in brake system technology. SVS Infinity provides easy-to-manage consistent spool control and brake force. With brake weights that use inner friction against the raceway during the cast, SVS Infinity controls spool speed for precision casting especially when using lighter lures. The external adjustment knob provides for quick precise adjustments for either the conditions or when you switch baits.

The HAGANE Body is produced from high rigidity aluminium or magnesium. This creates stiffness and impact resistance, whilst at the same time eliminating flexing of the body. The result is a rock-solid housing and support for the moving internal gearing and greater e ciency throughout the reel.

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