Storm Doom Bell T-Witch 485 - Cannibal 17cm/45g

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Super loud Doom Bell rattle, Wire through construction, Designed for twitch technique, Darting action with heavy flash from the sides, Lazy rolling action on steady retrieve.

Slow sinking, running depth 0.5 - 1 m
Twitch your way to a big fish’s heart with the Doom Bell T-Witch from Storm. Specifically designed to be fished with the twitch technique, this lure is the ideal choice when fishing flats or for surface feeding fish. Its slim profile sends the Doom Bell T-Witch soaring through the air on every cast, landing with precision entry into the water. A steady retrieve of the Doom Bell T-Witch creates a rather lazy rolling action. When combined with subtle or aggressive twitching the lure responds with a darting action throwing out lightening-like flash from each side. Strong wire-through construction and the super loud Doom Bell rattle complete this slow-sinking twitchin’ lure to create one of the best combinations to come out of the Storm factory.
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