Strike Pro Jonny Vobbler JV008 Hot Pike 13cm/55g

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SKU EG-205 JV008
Slow floating, running depth 0.5-2m
A result based on a traditional type of wooden- lure, but refined and made in a strong modern plastic material to meet todays more advanced and hardcore fishermen. It’s an outcome of many years of experience fishing for top- predators, and made to satisfy the needs that comes with it. This slow float lure will work in the hands of the most experienced fisherman as well as for the not so equally experienced.
Jonny Vobbler is a result of mind work, knowledge and high demands regarding the use of a bait in the search for great fishing-moments! It will definitely fill some gaps in the tackle boxes around the globe. A good lure should have the “right balance” between size, color, shape and movement. It should be durable and provide you with a good hook-setting ability and depth control.
Between retrieving try a light jerk or tap your rod tip on the tensioned line, this will cause the Jonny Vobbler to slide out like a jerkbait and slowly rise shivering towards the surface. Deadly!
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