Buster II Crankbait

The Short Lip Crankbait is a suspending, 12cm shallow running lure that has an irregular, dancing action. It runs down to 1m and can be twitched or jerked for an even more aggressive approach. Stop it; give an inch of slack line and the lure will turn like a glider. It is perfect bait for casting with light gear over shallow structures or weed beds.

The Long Lip Crankbait is 12cm long and has a tight, erratic wobble. It’s the perfect lure for when you need a multi-functional crankbait. The eyes on the lip make the lure run to 2m, 4m and 6m. For those days when you really want depth control-either casting or trolling, this crankbait will help you along the way. Also suspending, meaning it will stay in the strike-zone longer!!

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