Sufix X8 Stealth Green 0.128mm/6.9kg/150m

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8-carrier construction (thin HMPE fibers)
R8 Precision Braiding technology
Round and smooth braided line
Excellent strength to diameter ratio


Sufix x8 is a round, easy to handle and silky-smooth Japanese-style braided line. It has an 8-carrier construction of thin HMPE fibers making it a super strong, thin line with high abrasion-resistance and superb knot and shock strength.

The R8 Precision Braiding technology with a high-tension weaving process gives this line its distinct supple and smooth qualities that have consistent diameter and quality plus an excellent strength to diameter ratio.

The materials and construction mean that the line has low friction when passing through the rod guides. This results in silent performance and long, accurate casts.

Sufix x8 is designed for both casting and spinning reels. It is a great option for smaller lures, light soft plastics (jigging), perch, trout, rainbow trout and finesse fishing.

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