Rapala Twitchin`Rap Scaled Baitfish 12cm/53g

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Running depth 0.6-1.5 m

Abachi Body Construction
Modern Predator Color Patterns
Responsive Action
Large Predator Gamefish
VMC Coastal Black Nickel Hooks

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A perfect combination for predator fishing: the classic Rapala shad body design with an easy-to-use gliding action. Extremely responsive abachi construction with every lure body hand-picked to guarantee ther ight density and therefore the right sink rate for every lure. The wide-profile Twitchin’ Rap glides side-to-side just below the surface staying within the strike zone throughout the presentation. Twitchin’ Rap can be fished with the rod tip down, twitching the rod tip to create a walk-the-dog action, or holding the rod tip still while with a start-stop retrieve mimicking a struggling baitfish.
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