Viirastus Typhon Silver 15cm/25g

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Running depth 0.2-0.8 m

Special Garfish trolling handicraft spoon


Hand made special Garfish trolling spoon prepared by dedicated fisherman known by nickname ’Viirastus’ in local fishing forum. He designed that lure for his own use already in 2013 and now can everybody buy them from local shops (as many as is he is able to make them).

The lure is prepared from stainless steel with special surface treatment to achieve natural shiny look of real baitfish.

Named after a monster from ancient Greek mythology, the Typhon lure is designed for the second half of the Garfish fishing season, when the Garfishes are already hungry for a solid bait. The lure has been made in cooperation with an experienced Garfish fisherman from Hiiumaa, who shared his useful knowledge in making and testing the lure. Therefore, there is no doubt that the lure is a killer just like all the Viirastus' series!

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