Zalt Soft Sinking 33 17cm/61g

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2016 introduced Zalt Soft - an adjustable soft bait with a very well-known Zalt profile.

Slow sinking, swimming depth 1 - 3 m

The king of the underworld is back, setting new standards for rubber baits this time. The new innovative Zalt Soft has the classic Zalt profile but can be adjusted according to your needs. By bending the lip it may run with heavily rolling action even at very low speeds, bending the lip upwards gives straighter swim in the water. Can be rigged also with only back hook to cover all water over the weeds. The bait is made from a durable rubber with a through body wire. The front part is equipped with a hard malleable wire, going over to a soft wire that secures the rear treble hooks. The hard wire makes it possible to bend the nose up or down to trim the action.
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