DAIWA J-Braid X8 Multi Color 0.18mm/12kg/150m

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SKU 12755-018
• 8 braid construction
• Round-braided
• High linear strength
• High abrasion resistance
• No stretch
• Made in Japan

15,90 €

The J-Braid X8 from DAIWA is an exceptional fishing line, which is braided of 8 single strands and completely fulfills all requirements expected of a high-quality fishing line. Regardless if you want to fish for the large saltwater predators like halibut, cod and coalfish or aim to target perch or zander – with the new J-Braid you always ensure the proper contact to the fish.

The J-Braid offers the matching diameter for every fishing technique, regardless if sea, river or lake – uncompromising strong and reliable. The J-Braid glides through the guides smoothly and silently, enabling long distances also with lightweight lures.

Perfect for spinning and baitcasting reels!

Unbelievable price-performance ratio!

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