Prorex Crazy Stick F/SS

This classic stickbait is available in two versions – floating (F) and slowly sinking (SS). Thanks to the special body silhouette the Prorex Crazy Stick reaches enormous casting distances – the stabilizing fins at the back end allow accurate casts. At steady retrieving this stickbait features a vivid zig-zag action. When presented with short strokes, the lure strongly flanks like a jerkbait.

The floating model is especially suited for the summertime, when predators hunt below the surface.

The slow sinking model is the proper choice for scanning different water layers. At retrieve stops the lure flanks laterally und dwindles down slowly – perfect for fishing over weedy spots.

Due to the special design the Prorex Crazy Stick can be brought into action until it reaches the rod’s tip.

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