Tracking the order


DHL sends the tracking number directly to your email. Only please consider that depending on season it may take 1-3 working days, before we pack your order and DHL picks it up. But then it moves very fast already!

Economy shipping by Post

Your tracking number will be sent to you with your shipping confirmation. Generally are all orders trackable over your own local post office or their website or also over Estonian Post website at: or by global tracking site

Delivery takes around 1 - 2 weeks usually, however some risk of delay always exists with international post service. In case of delay, please follow the instructions below.

I have not received my order?

Shipping by Post takes usually 1 - 2 weeks, by DHL max 2-5 working days, it is almost the same worldwide. DHL timeschedule is secured and delays do not happen, but Post may delay. According to international Post statistics 1 package from 200 may get into problems, meaning that it may have significant delay or even may remain lost. .

When delay happens, we do apologize for any inconvenience, but there is no magic wand, which would help us to find the package out fast and get it delivered. However you can be always sure that your purchase is protected and we will help you. 

First step, please review your tracking information. Your tracking number is sent to you with your shipping confirmation. If you have not received your shipping confirmation, please check also your junk/spam folders. Or there is no tracking number on it, please send us an email and we will provide you the tracking number.

Generally we see the same information about the package location with you from public tracking site, there is no any more detailed information source for us.

Thus second step, your local Post has always most relevant information about your package and in all countries they also have customer service phone number, where you can call and ask about your package based on your tracking number, name or address.

When delays happen, according to our many years experience it always happens in destination countries and depends first of all on your own local post operational quality.

Sometimes you may see, that the order is sent out from Estonia and your local Post says that they have not received it yet. This is often only partly true. Most probably they have received the package, but has not checked it in yet and thus do not have information about it. Although usually it is done instantly, sometimes may take more time from them.

Last step, when your order is not arrived within 4 weeks from our shipping confirmation, we will make official search inquiry through our client service in Estonian Post. Then it takes more time until your local Post answers. The package will be found out or compensated. This last step is needed in very rare cases and we understand that this is always very unpleasent, when it happens to you, but you can be sure that we always help you to resolve it until the end.

We always remind and suggest to use DHL shipping option, for only little extra you can be certain that you order is delivered fast with secured timeschedule. Economy shipping works also well in most of the cases, but unfortunately is unable to offer the same security level.