NB! With all the shipping methods please consider 1-2 working days for our handling time, which we need for packing and sending your order out. 

Post Small Packages

Economy shipping method, where most of our buyers in Europe receive their package with around a week and are very happy with that speed. However timing is not secured with that shipping method and delays may happen. Out of Europe delivery times are usually 1 - 3 weeks.  


This is a high quality shipping method with secured timing, 2-3 working days in Europe and 3-5 working days out of Europe.

You can be sure, that you receive your order on time!

Post Parcels, delivery of fishing rods 

Only possible shipping method, when your shopping cart includes any fishing rod or some other large format item! Delivery time usually 1-2 weeks, but timing is unsecured like also with the small post packages.

Parcel Terminal EXPRESS DELIVERY OPTIONS to limited countries

Parcel terminal services are fast and secure, delivery time 2-3 working days!

The list of parcel terminals available at your region will be offered at checkout before you need to confirm and pay your order. When the parcel is arrived to your parcel terminal, you will be informed with a telephone message, which also provides you a parcel terminal access code to take out the package!

See shipping rates under DISCOUNT & SHIPPING POLICY section.

See how to track your order under Tracking the order section.