Are Meriforell OR.SI 11.5cm/18g

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Are Meriforell Lure - The Ultimate Sea Trout Seduction

Unlock the secret to successful sea trout angling with the "Are Meriforell" lure, expertly crafted for the dedicated fisherman. This premium lure, designed specifically for sea trout fishing, promises an unmatched performance in coastal waters.

Built from a blend of advanced materials, the "Are Meriforell" features a core of acid-resistant stainless steel, ensuring durability and resilience against the harsh marine environment. The lure's body is ingeniously covered on both sides with a buoyant material, enhancing its floatation and glide through the sea, mimicking an injured small fish—an irresistible target for the elusive sea trout.

The lure's innovative design allows for a slower retrieval when necessary, giving you the upper hand in tricky fishing scenarios. The "Are Meriforell" lure's action is universally effective, performing flawlessly in various weather conditions and water levels.

Colors are not just colors with the "Are Meriforell." We use UV-reactive paints complemented by shimmering silver, creating a visual spectacle that sea trout find impossible to ignore. The finish is fortified with a quintuple coating of waterproof varnish, extending the life of the lure and ensuring it remains a staple in your tackle box through countless casts.

With a body length of 115 mm and a weight of 18 grams, this lure is perfectly balanced for casting and retrieval. It features two 5mm stainless steel rings and is armed with three-pronged size 4 BKK SS (Super Slide) hooks, renowned for their sharpness and strength.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a passionate beginner, the "Are Meriforell" lure is engineered to elevate your fishing experience and improve your catch rate. Add this must-have lure to your collection and experience the thrill of reeling in sea trout like never before.

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