Are Vobler Lõhe F-66C-RD.BL 6.6cm/6.0g

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Floating, running depth 0-1.5 m
All Are wobblers are handcrafted from start to finish and are most recognized and appreciated by local river trout and salmon anglers already many years. Lures models are created and designed by lure master Are. Wobblers are mostly painted with Createx water-based paints and finished by 6-7 layers of waterproof varnish. Lures’ lips are made of durable plastic by injection molding.
Floating wobblers are balanced so that the lure stays on the water surface when lands into the water. On retrieve start the lure dives by wobbling. When you stop reeling, the lure starts to slowly float back to the surface. It is not uncommon for a fish to grab the lure just as the lure is rising back to the surface. Sinking models are balanced in such a way that when lands into the water, the lure starts to sink slowly while remaining horizontal. A well-balanced lure can be attacked by a fish as it sinks. Sinking models have the mark S (sinking) on the lip.
When attatching wobblers to the line, use a small lure snap with a test of 5-6 kg and for salmon 15-20 kg. Do not under any circumstances use a swivel in addition to a snap. Suitable line for Are wobblers is 0.18-0.22mm, for salmon up to 0.25mm. The smaller is the diameter of the line, the more enjoyable is the fishing. The lure dives faster and deeper, and of course the casting length of the lure is increased.
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