Daiwa Crossfire LT 3000-C

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3 Ball Bearings 
Gear Ratio 5.3:1
Retrieval 80cm
Weight 260g
Line Capacity: 0.23mm/150m


The Crossfire LT convinces by modern design fused with excellent DAIWA quality at an incredible price-performance ratio. Thanks to the LT concept, smaller reel bodies can be applied while maintaining the spool size, thus reducing the weight of the reels considerably for permanently fatigue-free fishing. The aluminum longcast ABS spool causes less friction at the cast and optimizes the casting performance. The Tough Digigear offers a silky-smooth running and huge retrieving power.

LT (Light & Tough) 1 ball bearing TOUGH DIGIGEAR® (TDG) ATD™ drag system Infinite Anti-Reverse® Cross Wrap® system Silent Oscillation® system ABS® aluminum longcast spool CNC cut aluminum handle Soft-touch handle knob
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