Daiwa Prorex Screw-in Weight Balancer 8g/3pc

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SKU 15411-108
Floating plug, diving depth ca. 1.5-2.5m
Made in Japan
The XL Shiner 130F represents an exceptional plug for fishing for zander and pike. The 13cm model is designed for middle water depths and dives between 1.5 and 2.5m – perfect when fish preferentially reside in the upper water layer during summertime.

Thanks to the patented G.O.S. Balancer System this plug can be cast very long. Additionally, this silent plug does not contain any rattles – ideal for overfished waters, where rattles meanwhile increasingly produce a harming effect. Due to its buoyancy, the XL Shiner is also perfectly applicable for “bottom-bouncing” – at this technique the plug hits the ground regularly and rises up when retrieving is stopped. Because of its diving lip, the XL Shiner is also perfectly suited for twitching.
Of course this Tournament plug is made in Japan to 100%.
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