DAM Detek X-Heavy Feeder 4.20m/340g/up to 180g/XH/3+3sec

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24 + 30TC carbon
The DAM DETEK Feeder rods are developed for feeder fishing for almost all coarse fish such as bream, tench, barbel and carp. The powerful 24 + 30TC carbon rod blanks paired with a very fast action gives these rods enough power reserves and great casting properties which make it easy to reach long casting distances. The DETEK rod series should have the right rod for every purpose, from light casting weights for fishing in small ponds or streams, to the XX-Heavy Feeder, which is, with a length of up to 4.20m and casting weights of up to 240g, ideal to fish with heavy feeder cages on big rivers or other large bodies of water.
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