Fanatik Lollypop/Tokyo rig 10g/3pc

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A super realistic Baby Pike imitation loaded with innovative features!

• 2+1 (Body + Paddle + Curltail)
• Runs from top to 6 feet • 3D Scanned details
• Tournament trebles and Components
• Stainless steel release rig
• Corkscrew tail mount
• Multiple action, riggings and run depths (Up force & down force)
• Paddle tail with removable rattle
• Slow sink
• 17cm Hook size #1

You can call it Tokyo Rig (name owned by VMC), Jika Rig, or Lollypop Rig. It doesn't really matter as long as it stays on top of any other bass rig when it comes to efficiency and versatility. Our design differs from existing competitors because it is supposed to be used on a heavy-duty snap instead of a swivel. This way, it is less likely to break, but more importantly, it lets you switch hooks. We believe that simpler is better, especially when it comes to fishing.
* Our rig works on a fishing snap that lets you change lures and hook types in seconds
* You can use weights that come in a pack or use your own weights
* Overall our variation provides better value as you are getting more in a pack and you are getting weights with them
* Anything you would flip with, I personally love Larva Lux for this purpose
* Swimbaits in about 3-inch size dragged at the bottom
* Twister tails, grubs, craws, and our Lobster which is a mix of both
* Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass
* Pike and Musky surprisingly loved it dragged near vegetation
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