Salmo Hornet 9 HP Hot Perch 9cm/35g

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The big Salmo Hornet

Floating, diving depth 3 - 5 m

Created in cooperation with the best Hungarian catfish anglers and introduced to Salmo’s offer in 2011 the big Hornet 9 has already proved itself as every bit as successful as its little brothers. There aren’t many other crankbaits from our competitors that can a compare with Hornet 9 when it comes to reliability and quality. A floating lure with a deep diving, big action it has already proved itself capable of catching all sorts of large predators, both in rivers and still waters.

- Polycarbonate lip
- Through-wire construction
- Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
- Super strong split rings Rasco (USA)
- VMC Spark Point 3X strong Black Nickel Hooks

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