Salmo Chubby Darter

As your Salmo Chubby Darter slips down into the depths, it’s being watched by big predators, fins stiffening, waiting to attack. With a superb action going down as well as back up again the Chubby Darter stands alone, simply irresistible, a superb swimming, quivering and gliding action. Now in four sizes, giving you three times as many chances to hook up that deep, deep down lunker! This lure is getting strikes from the biggest fish in the lake.
How to fish with Chubby Darter
The Chubby Darter works well no matter how you raise and lower it but to stimulate the most predators we recommend lifts and drops of 60 cm. You should practise by observing the lure in clear, shallow water, or an aquarium, to find the optimum speed to get the best from the Chubby Darter; the lure should wobble strongly when both rising and falling. After each cycle you should pause, depending on the fish species and conditions, for between 2 and 10 seconds. Start fishing near the bottom and cover all depths back to the surface, shortening the line by 1 meter after each cycle.
When the fish are not biting well we recommend adding an extra artificial (like a twister-tail) or natural (like an earthworm or small dead fish) baits on the belly treble, you could also replace the treble hook with a single. You can attach a bait hook on a short leader to the belly or rear hanger, this should be made of line a little thinner than the main line and be between 1 and 3 cm long. But it is often the case that simply adding a little artificial or natural attractor (like fish mucus or blood) will be enough to get wary fish to take the lure.

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