M.T Käsitöölandid LTT 13cm/19,6g

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Handmade sea trout lure made of composite material
Finished with 5 layers of strong varnish
Most lures feature UV colors in some parts
Extremely sharp and high-quality BKK #4 hook

Designed by lure master Margo Tuul


Margo Tuul, the creator of M.T Handmade Lures, has 15 years of experience in lure making, ranging from pike lures to sea trout lures. He pays special attention to his lures: if he wouldn't use them himself, he wouldn't offer them to others either. He sees lure making as a challenge and an opportunity to enjoy the process, rather than simply producing something.

This composite sea trout lure is made with utmost care. UV colors are used in various parts of the lures. It is finished with 5 layers of strong varnish to ensure that the colors remain vibrant and the lure doesn't fade. Equipped with an extremely sharp and high-quality BKK No. 4 hook. This lure has a narrower action, but it is suitable for fishing throughout the season (from early autumn to late spring). It works exceptionally well with a calm retrieve and doesn't require additional movements to attract fish. Many anglers have caught their first sea trout and even improved their personal records with this particular lure.

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