Mepps Aglia Furia #5 / 13g

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The original French spinner, the World's #1 Lure!

Among predatory fish, as soon as vibratory signals are perceived and authenticated, they are relayed by visual signals. If those reveal themselves according, the genetically programmed attack is triggered off. If they do not, inhibition indefinitely delays the final strike for capture and the killer will merely swim behind the lure without attacking it, then will leave it up...
A particular care has been brought to the visual effect of the Furia so as to hinder any ultimate inhibition of predatory fishes in the very last bit of time the act of visualisation sets in action.
It’s a at this very critical moment that the “ Optical Trap” set up by the Furia triggers off: black colour plays a part in the location of a potential target; orange yellow colour operates as the luminous value of a moving
body; red, as a factor of aggressiveness and a booster of energy. Tha Aglia Furia is top in brightly-lit waters and deep dark ones as well.


The Mepps "par excellence" for all fish in all waters. Aglia is a marvellous lure, precisely engineered to start spinning smoothly the instant it enters the water.

The cone of rotation constantly adapts to the force of the current or retrieve so Aglia continuously emits appropriate and measured vibrations.

Slow retrieve ? Aglia rises without "flapping". No retrieve ? Aglia will find its own level in the current and continue to spin attractively. Accordingly, throughout the whole of its course through the water, Aglia is "alive" and attracts the predator.

No other lure has caught so many record fish all over the world.

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