Mepps LongCast Tiger #5/24g

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The new Aglia LongCast is 2 times heavier than the regular Aglia. It allows the fisherman to : Cast farther and with more precision ; Quicker reach the choosen depth of fishing ; Keep on longer fishing level.


Designed for big fish, a lot of engineering went into the Mepps LongCast. To begin with, every LongCast is perfectly balanced, so the blade spins freely and easily, an attribute found in every Mepps spinner. Perfect balance doesn't just happen. Every component on the LongCast, from the wire to the hook, has been carefully selected and tested with the other components to assure proper balance.

The LongCast's heavy bullet-shaped body takes the effort out of long-distance casting. In addition, the LongCast sinks quickly and stays very close to the bottom throughout the retrieve, making it perfect for fishing heavy current or deep water. Pier fishermen will love it. It's ideal for trophy trout and salmon.

Give the Mepps LongCast a try. You will quickly discover you are casting farther and fishing deeper than you ever have before. In fact, you'll be able to fish water you've never fished before.

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