Rapala MaxRap Walk'n Roll Purple Beast 13cm/29g

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Running Depth: Topwater

High-impact ABS body construction
Long-casting internal weight system
Aggressive, spitting, walk-the-dog action
Target species saltwater gamefish
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The "do-all" topwater bait, MaxRap Walk'N Roll spits, bobs, skitters and slides across the surface in all conditions. Developed in partnership with pro anglers fishing the Atlantic, this lure is weighted for Maximum casting distance and ultimate stability in bad weather and rough seas. Under a steady retrieve the MaxRap Walk'N Roll spits and rolls from side-to-side; or try a twitch & pause to create a walking action. Crank it in fast to imitate a fleeing baitfish; or when at rest with your rod tip down, twitch it in place for a head-down bobbing motion. Fitted with VMC 7554 2X-Strong Ti coated inline treble hooks.
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