ReelX Hightech Reel Oil 30 ml

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ReelX stops permanently and prevents corrosion and rust
Operating temperature from -50 ° C to + 150 ° C
Non-toxic - non-carcinogenic - non-flammable!

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ReelX is the world's leading high-tech lubricant and anti-corrosion agent for all fishing reels. Thanks to the polar bonding technology (polar bonding to metal surfaces), ReelX clings to metal surfaces like a magnet and the moisture there is infiltrated. That stops permanently and prevents corrosion and rust. Provided with additives to reduce friction, ReelX increases and extends the functionality of all fishing reels. Problems with corrosion and rust remain a thing of the past, even when fishing in salt water. The reels withstand pressures and loads more extreme than those that can be found in usual fishing conditions. Plastic parts, seals, anodizing and fishing lines are not damaged. Does not contain silicone, tar, wax, Teflon or other additives and does not harden.

Leading reel manufacturers trust in ReelX!

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