Rublex Celta A #2/3.5g/2pcs

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One of the original members of the renowned RUBLEX family. The only spinner, ever, with antiline twist device built in body rotating on shaft. Attractive “butterfly” spinning action, easily replaceable hook.

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Celta is the classical butterfly-style spinner, patented in 1953. Characteristical and unique features are the freely rotating body in order to prevent line twisting (anti-twist action) and to create the action similar to the flying insect, and with pinhead attached, easily replaceable hook.

Rublex is a prestigious brand of French origin, “a classic dating back to the 1950s”, with its own well known models: Celta, Veltic, Turvo, Ondex, Eira, Orklac and Orkla, which every fisherman knows about and carries in his basket, as they are a guarantee of success.

Rublex is manufactured today by a family business based in the North of Spain surrounded by beautiful rivers an lakes. In this privileged environment it has managed to find a niche in the international market with its high quality spinners.

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