Savage Gear SG8 250HG BC LH

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7+1 steel ball bearings (including two ARB Japanese BB)
Gear ratio 8.1:1
Weight 195g
Line capacity 0.25mm-180m
Line retrieve 85cm
Drag Force 9 kg

Left hand retrieve

Offering power, style, performance and a wide range of unique features – the SG8 series of baitcasting reels has it all. Savage Gear SG8 is a perfect fit for casting light lures such as softbaits and crankbaits, but they can also handle medium to heavy baits such as larger soft lures or jerkbaits, giving anglers great versatility. These reels are built to be strong and rigid thanks to their one-piece aluminium frames and are ideal for taming all kinds of predators including pike, bass, zander and even perch and trout. Features such as our proprietary DuraGrease, Line-ID, external centrifugal brake and finely-tuned gear ratios mean the reel will run smoothly time and time again.
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