Shimano Curado BFS XGR

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7 Shielded A-RB Bearings + 1 roller bearing
Gear ratio 8.2:1
Weight 175g
Line capacity 0.23mm-50m

Right hand retrieve

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The Curado BFS is a special model within the CURADO family designed specifically for casting lightweight rigs with thinner lines. With this new reel it is possible to cast light lures and rigs with ease. Powerful and smooth rotation is achieved with the X-SHIP system and all inner parts are protected by a strong and rigid HAGANE body. Once hooked into a fish the angler is up for a treat with the exciting drag sound which is often not present on bait casting reels.

Designed specifically for efficient casting of smaller lures with fine lines
Compact lightweight HAGANE Body for strength and rigidity
X-SHIP delivers extremely smooth performance with maximum winding efficiency
Advanced FTB braking reduces casting friction to a minimum
S3D Spool for reduced vibration when casting
Super Free Spool (SF) technology reduces friction on the spool shaft
Exciting Drag Sound for improved fish-playing experience
Powerful Cross Carbon Drag 

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