Shimano Curado DC 151 XG

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6 Shielded A-RB Bearings + 1 roller bearing
Gear ratio 8.5:1
Weight 225g
Line capacity 0.33mm-100m

Left handed


Shimano Curado DC features a DC braking system in a lower price class. The I-DC4 braking system will help the angler to cast better and reduces the change of backlash. The total of 6 + 1 ball bearings in combination with MicroModule makes the reel run insanely smooth. And due to the combination of a Magnumlite spool + Superfree spool system and the I-DC4 braking system, the angler will even be able to cast and fish also small lures for e.g. bass, perch or zander. The Curado DC might be considered the best reel for crankbait fishing in this price class. However, since the implementation of X-Ship, the reel is also able to withstand higher forces and can also be used to fish bigger lures for e.g. pike.

Advanced I-DC4 digital control system for the ultimate in casting control

MicroModule and X-SHIP gearing delivers remarkable smoothness combined with ultra positive operation

Maximum drag setting of 5kg for controlling large fish

Auto casting adjustment functions
1. Max Distance mode: Best for calm conditions
2. Braid/mono mode: All-round setting for braid or mono
3. Fluorocarbon mode: All-round setting for fluorocarbon
4. Skipping mode: stronger braking when skipping baits

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