Shimano Curado MGL 71HGK

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8 Shielded A-RB ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
Gear ratio 7.4:1
Weight 195g
Line capacity 0.285mm-100m

Left handed


The Curado MGL is the smallest Curado model available, and it is developed to handle a wide array of lures while excelling at comfortably casting smaller lures. The lightweight MGL spool features reduced spool inertia for improved casting distance and accuracy. Palming the Curado MGL is comfortable due to its compact and lightweight design. To ensure that the angler has enough leverage, even over the biggest fish, the reel features a strong and rigid HAGANE Body.

The smallest Curado model available, developed for efficient casting of smaller lures

Lightweight Ci4+ Body

MicroModule Gear and X-SHIP deliver extreme smooth performance with maximum winding efficiency

Advanced MGL III spool reduces casting inertia by 17% for improved casting performance

SVS infinity braking system controls spool speed for precision casting

S3D Spool for reduced vibration when casting

Powerful Cross Carbon Drag

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