Shimano Sedona Ice Rod 26L

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Composite carbon blanks with parabolic actions
Perfect for North and Eastern European ice fishing
Aluminium Oxide guides
High quality cork handles, DPS-Type reel seat

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Sedona Ice is a fantastic rod which offers excellent playing actions, combined with fantastic value. Available in a wide range of actions and lengths, suitable for perch, pike and zander, all models pair perfectly with the Sedona reel. If you are serious about your winter ice fishing you’ll certainly appreciate the wide range of models available in the Sedona Ice rod range. For smaller fish like perch, the ultra light and light actions, with elongated hi-viz tip sections, offer maximum sensitivity and playing action to enhance your success and enjoyment whilst the medium and heavy actions combine a fast tip for sensitivity with more power to control larger, harder fighting fish in confined spaces. The composite blanks of the Sedona are beautifully balanced and have very sensitive tips to maximise bite detection whether you are fishing stationary bait or jigging a lure. Combine the shorter length (24” – 32”) models with a 500 sized reel for the ultimate balance, or use a larger 1000 sized reel on the longer models for more power and control. When playing a fish the Sedona has an almost elastic-type playing quality, which enhances your enjoyment and increases the amount of fish landed. A high quality, warm to the touch cork handle is fitted to all models along with trouble free Aluminium Oxide guides which can cope with sub zero temperatures.
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