Shimano Sustain FJ 4000

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8 Shielded A-RB Bearings and 1 roller bearing
Gear Ratio 5.3:1
Weight 275g
Line Capacity: 0.25mm - 260m

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The Sustain is part of the Magnumlite series and features a MGL Rotor for lightweight rotational feel and precise lure control, combined with the toughness and protection of an aluminium HAGANE Body. Available in sizes 2500 to C5000, the Sustain makes an excellent mid-sized reel for light, medium and even large lures, general freshwater fishing and even in-shore saltwater fishing. The satin black body with chrome accents looks fantastic, but the true beauty of this reel is in the way it feels and performs. Remarkably lightweight in the hand, the rotation almost defies logic with only minimal pressure required to set the rotor moving. Fitted with all of Shimano's leading technology including the new Micro Module Gear II, Silent Drive, and Long Stroke Spool for increased casting performance, this is one of the most sophisticated reels in the Shimano Spinning line-up. Combine the Sustain reel with one of the Sustain Spinning rods for a balanced, visually perfect set-up.

Lightweight, versatile spinning reel for freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing
Light rotation start-up and sensitive winding due to Ci4+ MGL Rotor
SilentDrive technology delivers smooth and whisper quiet operation
High strength, lightweight aluminium HAGANE Body
X-Protect water and dirt protection on the line roller and body
Long Stroke Spool for improved casting distance

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