Shimano Yasei Shock Stick Pearl White 110mm/22gr

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Lure type: floating
Diving depth: 0-2,5m
‘Walk the dog’ action
Special curved underside shape and balance is easy to fish effectively
High quality BKK hooks

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The Yasei Shock Stick is a stickbait lure designed for fishing on the surface and has a ‘walk the dog’ action. The unique shape and weighting of this floating surface lure makes it easy to use with a rhythmical twitch and pause technique, enabling the lure to sway and glide attractively across the surface. Available in 70mm and 110mm sizes.

Whether you are new to fishing on the surface, or an experienced surface specialist, the Yasei Shock Stick has been specifically designed for ease of use and maximum effectiveness. The curved underside and straight back design also features a special weighted balance that promotes a sideways action (Walk the dog) with minimal effort, followed by a straightening glide phase that often drives predators wild. Available in two sizes (70mm and 110mm) and five colours, the Yasei Shock Silk is easy to spark into a rhythmical ‘walking’ action that will entice fish to attack when other more conventional lures fail to make a difference.

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