Shimano Yasei Soul Swim Perch SS 160mm/37gr

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Swimming depth: 0-1,5m
Lure type: suspending
Hard bodied jointed swimbait with soft tail and dorsal fin
Dynamic, versatile performance depending on retrieve style
Realistic life-like appearance and natural swimming action
Two connection rings for different depth and action versatility
High quality BKK hooks

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The Yasei Soul Swim is a versatile, slow sinking jointed swimbait, with a soft tail and dorsal fin to promote more confident takes. Combining a very realistic visual appearance with a fantastic natural swimming action, the Soul Swim has two connection rings for working at different depths.
If you are looking for a realistic life-like swim bait to target the largest pike and zander, the YASEI Soul Swim is a great option, especially in clear water. With its realistic appearance and superb swimming action, the 230mm version is a great lure to target the largest pike, whilst the smaller 160mm version will attract pike and the largest zander. When fished with a simple steady retrieve the Soul Swim produces a natural swimming action mimicking a moving bait fish, making it great for covering a lot of water. Alternatively use a twitch or jerking action to make it move erratically like a wounded or distressed bait fish to really entice wary predators. For increased versatility the Soul Swim can be attached by the front ring for a shallower straighter retrieve, or by the top ring to create a deeper running depth and different action profile.

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